dd/lg topics


I want to be myself as I am without pretending and that means being as I feel without the constraints or limits of age, I want to be playful if I feel like it but don’t want to feel forced into behaviour that does not reflect who or what I’m feeling at any giving moment.

I write this is total control of my emotions, I am certain and confident of how I feel and what I want, this isn’t to say though that I wouldn’t role play if that is what felt right at the time.

When I’m with daddy my happiness turns naturally to bouts of affectionate play, sitting on his lap, random cuddles, I love the way he bends down to kiss me or I stand on a chair to hug him. As I lie in bed beside him, he holds me close and I feel safe and loved. For me age isn’t important, it’s how I feel that is important for me.


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