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what kind of little am I?

I found a little online test here and took the test just for fun to see what sort of results I get…

I might be little but I can count!… the results add up to more than 100% haha

I wonder what daddy would think about the result maybe I’ll show him later.


You are a Sensitive Baby-Gril/Baby-Boy!

For you being little is about all the warm fuzzy feelings you get.  Bath time, bed time, cuddles, kisses… the more the better!  You love it when your Mommy/Daddy takes care of you and helps you to feel special and loved.  Give yourself a hug, you deserve it!

30%Silly and Playful

You are a Wild Child!

You can’t help it! (And why would you?)  Being little is about playing games, telling jokes, laughing and having fun!  You love going out with your Mommy/Daddy to the park or zoo, having a tea party or playing games with your littles friends.  Smiling and laughing are the best parts of life, and being little just makes them that much funner!

27%Sweet and Pleasing

You are a Sweety!

You love being the sweetest little baby-girl/baby-boy you can be!  Pleasing your Mommy or Daddy is your favorite part about being little.  Maybe it’s the rewards they give you, or maybe it’s just the warm fuzzies you get from making your Mommy/Daddy smile.  Either way, you can’t help but be a good Girl/Boy.

10%Bratty McBrattrson

You are a Brat!

You may be little, but that doesn’t mean your not in charge!  You love being Mommy/Daddy’s little Prince or Princess!  Getting your own way is half the fun of being little, right?  Even if it does sometimes earn you a spanking…


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