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little – clothing

I promised daddy I’d look to see if I have any girly clothes that might be fun to wear again. I never really thought about this before, were any of my clothes “little”?

I googled adult little clothing just to get an idea of what I should watch out for and what I found wasn’t suitable for me.  I don’t want to look like a baby…

Well, daddy likes my pink cartoon print pygama pants and so do I, they are cute and I feel cute in them, so I’m thinking maybe some pretty prints might suit me. After an hour rummaging in my wardrobe I’m now feeling frustrated… I only found two items that I like and that maybe daddy will like too, I’m not sure.

Is it just me that is sometimes riddled with self-doubt… what if he doesn’t like it?, does this look right? will I still look good in this? meh

I put the two items I picked into my case and just give up.


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