real life experience

with love… from the top shelf

It took me years to appreciate that being short isn’t such a disadvantage, I mean you learn to deal with it and find creative solutions to reach whatever it is that is beyond standing on your toes and waving your arms about for. I used to reject people’s help, it was more of a statement to say I can do this myself and please don’t insult me with your long arms and legs haha. Small dog syndrome 😀

This morning as we discuss breakfast I smile to myself thinking how cheeky I’m feeling right now wearing nothing but my long hair draped over my back. As he reaches to get the tea from the top shelf he says “here… because this is quite high for you”… I stop myself from saying “that’s ok I’ll get it myself” instead I smile and say thank you with a kiss. An ordinary moment in anyone’s life.

Of course this wasn’t the first time someone had helped me out in this way, when you’re short and small, men feel a natural want to protect you and take care of you, the only difference now was my perception of it, my acceptance of the gesture as I felt little and comfortable being taken care of. I thought then to cherish the little things done for me with love or affection is part of my path not only as a little but in general.


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