real life experience

exploring the fetish (?)

For being full of bravado I am sometimes a big chicken… so daddy gave me some tasks to do and one of them is to update my fetlife account with fetishes that I’m into/curious about. Thinking it was probably the easiest of the tasks as the others require more thought and also require me to be in a better mood than the current one I thought: no problem this is going to be a piece of piss (listen to my inner scally haha)…. updating the fetish list was fine although I keep looking at it thinking it’s very vanilla – again with the insecurity of not being enough (repeat after me… I am enough, I am more than enough).

As soon as I updated the list I got a couple of friend requests from doms living in my region – big men with beards (I felt so intimidated)… at this point one would say just ignore the requests if you don’t want to add them… it’s easy. Yes it is easy, but for some reason maybe because I was already feeling a little out of sorts, I felt exposed and vulnerable like walking into a dark place alone and being approached by big random men, it scared me. I was feeling overwhelmed and what started as a distraction to snap me out of my mood made me feel like a scared cat.

*follow up…. now that I’ve spoken to daddy about it I realised my reaction was mostly due to the mood I was in, of course I needn’t have felt afraid, he suggested I edit my privacy settings, something I hadn’t even considered as I hadn’t been thinking straight yesterday. Daddy knows how to put a smile on this little bunny girls face. ☺ He cheers me up and he’s so sweet I’m welling up again just thinking about it.

I feel good about completing my task ☺ and happy enough with the result.


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