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So I told daddy that I didn’t finish the erotic story and asked him if he wanted to hear what I have up to now haha.

In my story I’m a fairy in my pretty pink skirt and little pink bra and I sit by the stream in the  green and lush forest sitting on the soft forest floor with is bed of fallen leaves. I sit by the stream until I hear daddy coming up the path, then quickly as I can I hide behind the trees as daddy calls my name first gently “come out little girl…”and then a little worriedly “where are you hiding?!”. I giggle at first, he can hear me and I can see he’s getting a little annoyed, I feel like laughing and so when I can bear it no longer, I burst out laughing and the whole forest is alight with the sound of my cackle (lol). I would record the sound for you but I’m not sure that you’d like it.

Oh wait…I forgot to say that in the forest there’s a unicorn…286a56384b8caabce3ad780148bdeac9

at this point you’ll notice I’m digressing a bit. The unicorn is beautifully white and it’s mane a pretty baby pink. It walks around in a relaxed fashion just minding it’s own business. Trust me, I’m including this now because it is an important element of the story… so back to it, where was I?

Hmm laughing yes, I run towards daddy and crash into him with open arms and head up waiting for a kiss. He kisses me hard and lifts me slightly towards him. He glimpses at the unicorn that is stood there looking at us waiting for what’s to come next. Daddy tells me that I’ve been naughty hiding when he was calling my name and so by the stream he bends me over his knees. He lifts my skirt up and caresses my cheeks, my body tense in anticipation. The first spank makes my cheeks flush into an imprint of his hand, he caresses my cheeks again, I feel warm and tense my body again waiting for the next one, the second spank is harder, my skin stings and I flinch on daddy’s knees. Daddy caresses my red cheeks smoothing over the sting and kisses my skin. The unicorn is confused. But this little girl likes to be spanked 😉

Daddy asks me to sit up, with a cheeky smile I say “I’m sorry daddy for hiding, I was having fun…”, and daddy says “so was I ;)”

The unicorn is now more perplexed than ever, as I sit on daddy’s lap and kiss his nose, daddy looks at my fairy clothes and starts peeling them off me slowly kissing the skin underneath.

At this point the damn unicorn decides to have a closer look…and I stop my story here as the unicorn is making me feel uncomfortable… I mean of all places in the forest we had to be in one with a unicorn into voyeurism??

The story makes daddy laugh 🙂 especially the unicorn haha, I love it when he laughs, as I didn’t manage to finish the story daddy teases me with a mystery “punishment”… I’ll have to wait and see…although the prospect of one is already enough I think haha. I tried to argue that I don’t need one but I’m not so sure I was convincing enough.



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