real life experience

little apron & punishment

On my last trip to Cordoba I spotted a cute little pink apron with a frill front and polka dot white design, the aprons were produced in different sizes. I stopped to look at them wondering if I should buy one and after some moments of hesitation decided to go for it.

I wanted to try out the smaller size which is more for kids because it was just enough to cover my chest and my front and enough string at the back to tie it in place. When I get to the till the shop assistant asks me if this is a gift and in my usual honest way I said “No, it’s for me”. 🙂 At least she didn’t look too shocked, maybe there are other kinky littles shopping about there.

I didn’t know when I got it if I’d actually see daddy again soon, but I bought it for me, I bought it because I wanted to wear it when I felt like it and there’s no better opportunity to wear it than when I want to please daddy. He had a big grin on his face when I wore it. 😀

As a punishment for my last misdemeanor… not finishing the erotic story was to go to the bathroom only wearing my apron risking getting caught by my lodger, bare assed and apron barely covering my nipples. I didn’t even flinch, stood up, straightened my apron, opened the door and quickly ran to the bathroom. Luckily I wasn’t caught 😉 but it was exciting.


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