real life experience

playful me

I wake up and try to be extra quiet in order not to wake daddy up, I leave daddy a card on the bedside table, it has a little message on it and a badly drawn rabbit. All day I keep thinking whether he found it and if he’d liked it. I resist the thought that it is silly, I drew it for him to brighten his day. All day I feel little and at work everyone notices how extra smiley I am today, the men in the office seem to respond to it by being super nice and we even share some good humor. For those who don’t know me this good humor and lightheartedness is not common in our office in fact it is somewhat rare. My exceedingly good mood is in contrast to how I felt yesterday. My offhand remark driven by self doubt to daddy about him probably being happier without me now completely melted into the happiness felt in the moment.

At home I sit on daddy’s lap and have a chat about the day, I want to watch some cartoons and eat chocolates in bed.


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