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a little on the road

I spend the weekend with daddy travelling around the beautiful Spanish countryside. As I’m out of my comfort zone I feel a little anxious at first but also excited. I love to travel and it’s the first time I’m travelling with daddy.

Because of the slight anxiety I realise that it’s natural for me to be more adult than little depending on how “safe” I’m feeling, but I do have my moments. Bedtime is still my favourite little time wherever I am as it turns out.

We visit really beautiful places together I’m so in love with the country every new place and experience fills me with positive feelings. I sometimes feel that anything is possible here.




As I ease into sharing a confined space with him it is nice to have time to talk about different aspirations we have, our experience with others and the dynamic of our relationship. I also understand now how important it is for me to have time for myself not because I don’t like spending time with him but to take care of myself to hear myself think.

When we walk in the forest and spot a donkey farm I turn into a silly girl, I love animals 🙂 I skip down the road with happiness swinging my hand as I hold his. As we sit on the hill looking out at the hills I am relaxed and freer than I have ever been.

As I write this we are on the way home, I feel full of everything that I felt over the weekend. Singing Shake it out… I am happy to be here. I am happy with who I am and what I’m doing and finally I’m happy to be me.

Daddy and I sing Creep as we now approach the last stretch of our journey I think perhaps this is what life’s all about, the little things, that’s what happiness is. A collection of fleeting moments of bliss and living in the now.


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