dd/lg topics · real life experience

difficult days and podcasts

I guess we all have them, life isn’t perfect and it isn’t always possible to be cheerful all the time. I come back from work tired and feeling a little defeated. On my way home I think perhaps I can spend some time in the garden, it will cheer me up. Daddy suggests I  split the peppers and he’s right of course they do need more space and so I do some gardening for half an hour gardening always make me feel a little better. When I’m done I sit near daddy on the sofa as we watch southpark my mood improves more as he gives me some tictacs :D. Nothing soothes me like a cuddle on the sofa and sweets.

As we cook dinner we listen to some music and have a little singalong and a dance. I’m not sure about why I’m feeling a little sad.

I take some time and decide to listen to a podcast daddy sent me a while ago and I hadn’t yet listened to. In a way it is nice to hear other people talking about being a little. How the girl doesn’t identify with a specific age for example it’s kind of reassuring. In general if I can’t make up my mind about something I feel a little insecure thinking I’m just not clever enough to come to my own conclusion, so it is nice to know it isn’t just me that doesn’t identify with a specific age and I’m not just dim.

Something else I noticed is that when I’m feeling little and sad I tend to fight wanting to be reassured. Perhaps this is to do with showing vulnerability or fighting the need to seek support. I fight the need for attention because I don’t want to come across as needy. The podcast also covers this topic, the attention and physical need. In my case I fight these aspects because I think they show weakness and being weak isn’t what I want to be or how I want to be perceived.


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