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sticks and stones

Sticks and stones might be better than hearing what some people have to say about our relationship. I’m not sure that they realize the hurt they inflict on others with their careless use of language or perhaps they really don’t care. Well this one in particular was to be expected but still upsetting none the less.

I’m starting to understand now why some people never talk about their private lives. My naivety still surprises me sometimes, somehow I think that if I explain then they will understand… but that would be too logical.  The problem is that people already have preconceived ideas that they see no reason to change. They stop listening at polyamory, you can feel the proverbial hammer slowly being lifted above your head and then swiftly come down to turn you into a pancake on the floor as you try in vain to explain.

Perhaps no more socializing for today, this little girl’s tired, grumpy and missing daddy already.


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