real life experience

dating others…part 2

After the 2nd date when I chickened out I was determined that on the 3rd date I would tell the guy about our relationship. I really want to be open and honest about it.

I wake up the day of the date and kiss daddy as he sleeps and nervously get ready to go out. My date had wanted to come to the house but since he didn’t get know about the relationship it wouldn’t be fair to put him in an awkward position so I suggested a nice drive to a lake nearby and a picnic.

Again I try to broach the subject a few times but inadvertently he changes the subject. He is tender and affectionate and talks about going on trips. I feel guiltier and guiltier by the minute and yet again I’m unable to tell him. I go home frustrated.

Daddy reassures me as I sit on his lap, I need not be nervous, if the person has a problem then it is better to know before I get attached to him and yes I don’t want to deceive him either.

I’m now resolved to press on with the subject next time.


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