real life experience

presenting the truth

Daddy and me went on a long weekend camping trip from the south of spain to portugal. We had lots of fun moments and plenty of time to talk about all kinds of things. I love spending time with daddy 🙂 he is gentle, nice and caring…I could go on but I’m digressing from the story.

I found a permaculture project that would be nice to see and so part of the trip was spent there. When we arrived we met four women, they were all very different but all really nice and friendly. Whenever we meet new people and we’re together I’m a little self concsious as to what to say when introducing myself and inevitably when people ask about how we met or the nature of our relationship I don’t know how much detail to give. At this point I should clarify that this hesitation isn’t to do with introducing myself as daddy’s little girl but as his girlfriend (insert little giggle here).

I let daddy answer the question and in his usual matter of fact way he explains how we met without bias in the story. I find it quite amazing how relaxed he is when he does it and I enjoy seeing how people react. In this case I could see an initial hesitation but no particular shock or excessive comeback or horror reaction.

After our visit while we were on the way home I asked daddy about it because really I’d like to feel more comfortable with it and I couldn’t quite understand why I was feeling a little blocked about this. I drew the analogy with how I answer when someone asks about my religious beliefs I don’t even bat an eyelid I just say that I’m athiest… and frankly I don’t care much about what people think or say about that but daddy points out that I have had plenty of years of practice saying that and so perhaps I just needed to get used to saying it and people’s reactions to it just like I got used to people’s reactions to my beliefs.

There’s of course a lot of fear of being judged or getting mean comments and this is just about the polyamory without going into the kink.

Well I’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice I think it’s just a matter of starting.


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