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saying see you soon

I knew that daddy would have to leave eventually and I was slowly getting ready to say goodbye. I really enjoyed his company and our trips camping, the late nights in bed, our long talks, the sex, shared meals and well sharing our space with each other. I would be lying if I’d said saying goodbye is easy, however when you know that it is going to happen at least you can prepare for it in a way to avoid being majorly upset.

For someone who perhaps writes a lot of emotional pieces I have to admit that mostly I like to keep the drama out of the behavior when possible after all I’m only human. Also I find that I have a delayed emotional response time which might seem to others that I’m not having a reaction at all. So just to give an example if you insult me I may disregard it on the spot and keep going about what I was doing and then it will catch up with me later say when I’m in bed and then I might be a little weepy.

The previous times daddy had left I did not know whether I would see him again. I never have any expectations, goodbyes were sad and final in case he never came back. This time it was different. I say see you soon. My trip to visit daddy is booked and only a month away. No sadness required.


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