real life experience

shock but no horror

I organise events, just for fun really, they are in general free of charge and can vary from a beach picnic to a book swap. Yesterday we had a lunch and book swap at a vegetarian restaurant. The purpose of the events are to meet new people in a relaxed environment. Mainly just to broaden the social circle, I should perhaps clarify that this isn’t a bdsm or dating group it is just a standard meetup setup. Still you never know who you are going to meet.

I was surprised when a guy from the group approached me and told me that he’d seen my profile on okc. I laughed, mainly because it was the second time this week that someone had approached me and let me know they’d seen my picture on a dating site or app. I made light of it really. I think it’s a compliment that people feel comfortable to approach you and feel confident enough to tell you they’d seen your picture or profile. I also admire their courage in a way, I don’t know if I would be able to point that out to someone I liked and had seen on a website. Perhaps a sign I should work on my confidence.

Also as a reaction to what he’d said I smiled and without effort told him that as he’d expressed his interest he should know that I am in an open relationship, that I am not interested in casual sex but am open to the possibility of having an affectionate relationship with others. When I finished my short explanation I paused, mainly to let it sink in. I had just told a complete stranger the facts. Nothing less and nothing more than the bare facts. I was so proud of myself. Daddy will be so proud of me when I tell him.

The reaction was some shock but nothing too bad, no negative comments really. He asked what do you do when someone gets jealous. It’s tricky question for me perhaps the topic would deserve a post of it’s own but my response was that I think the best thing to do would be to talk about it. Relationships are complex whether they are monogamous or open or whatever and feelings, well feelings are feelings sometimes you can’t help how you feel. Anyway  he understood this was about honesty and he seemed to like the upfront honesty.

It was also funny to see where to take the conversation from there really, it’s not exactly like small talk about the weather. Still, there was a little awkward silence, he made a joke about it and we moved on to other topics.

P.S. – when I get home he sent me a message asking to meet me for a coffee…. so I must have made a good impression 😀


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