real life experience

dating others…part 3

I had been postponing another date with J because I was chickening out about telling him about the relationship with daddy but finally I felt that I could postpone it no longer. I wanted to see him before I leave on my two week trip so that I don’t have this hanging on my head.

So, I invited him over for the afternoon and as I was cooking lunch he sat on the chair in the kitchen reading the paper and I decided that this was it. I said …J I need to talk to you about something. He could tell that I was very anxious, so much so that he stood up to give me a hug and reassure me. So I just told him that I had been dating other people and that I got close to someone which I am now in a open relationship with. I also told him that this doesn’t affect how I felt about him, I liked him still very much and it doesn’t change anything between us.

I stopped then to let it sink in and then quietly said that if he had any questions I would be happy to answer. He says that at the moment he didn’t have any questions… and then he asked me if the person was Spanish and if he was here is Spain. So I explained that Daddy had been in Spain but is travelling back home at the moment. I explained a little bit more detail about other relationships involved and that having other affectionate relationships is ok. It is all about being honest with all people involved.

J is pensive for a moment and then says I’m just a boy from the village, I’ve never heard of such things. I reassure him, after all prior to meeting daddy I had some exposure to polyamory – or so I thought, but none that had actually worked out and because I hadn’t seen it work out it wasn’t something that I thought would work for me either. It’s definitely a lot less common than monogamy.

He hugs me tight. Everything is good between us, perhaps better now that he knows where we stand.


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