real life experience

a definition of love

This is the 40th blog post on this blog, not particularly a major achievement but I wanted to think a little bit back to how it started and my definition of love.

I reread old messages between me and daddy and I realise I was his little girl before we had really verbalised it.

There are some messages which I wrote to daddy that deal with my definition of love and so I wanted to share them here as documentation of the journey and because I still feel the same way.

True love I think is when you let the other person be who they are without wanting to posses them or change them, to let them be who they are without expecting anything from them. I felt that I could be myself with you because you liked me as I was with all my clumsy…ness and putting dead animals in the pot.

Feelings are often complex for me they’re mixed up with fear of getting hurt. Because of this, exploring these feelings further might make them clearer or perhaps that in itself is not really important. The experience supersedes the relevance of the need for labeling it. ie loving to be with you is enough for me without the need for further analysis. And I love to be with you 😊 spending time with you and all the things you love to do with me too.



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