real life experience

a thought about metamours

When I was asked whether I wanted to meet my metamours I hadn’t even known the meaning of the word but I was honored to be asked. I was curious and felt privileged to meet the women daddy loved and talked about so lovingly and felt valued as he wanted me to be part of his life.

We organised some time to spend together first with one and then the other to come for dinner. For both I felt a kind of kinship with them even before I met them, I felt that we all saw parts of this man in our each unique way in our relationships and loved him for it. They were beautiful, smart and clever and I instantly took a liking to them both.

I’m grateful to them for wanting to meet me and getting to know me a little and happy that daddy had asked me if I wanted to meet them.

As the days became months I increasingly understood how metamours bring with them the support and love to daddy’s life and I love them for it.


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