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age – just a number?

Age is always a funny topic perhaps more so when identifying as little at least some of the time. I’d never given it much thought until it was pointed out to me that both my partners were younger than me and this is really a break from my past relationship patterns (is there such a thing?).

Perhaps age then didn’t matter as much anyone, at least not as much as it did when I was in my early teens or early twenties myself. I’d always been attracted to the slightly more mature, level headed man and I realised now with experience that it really had nothing to do with age and more to do with the individual quality of the person.

Being in a Daddy/Little girl relationship is not influenced by age but by how I feel for daddy and how I feel when I am with him. My face brights up in a big smile just thinking about it. I am  only 3 years older than him and I really don’t care much about the difference mainly because I don’t feel it, he’s still in my eyes my beautiful tall blonde daddy who is nearly if not always right :p, but for some this seems to be an interesting point. Especially since I switch from various degrees of little depending on the situation and how I’m feeling. Age play doesn’t seem to interest me unless it comes to me naturally and my “little” pursuits for example crayon and pencil drawing and “young adult/adult” video games can hardly be seen as limited to childlike or immature behaviour. My mischief perhaps yes, especially when I know I am pushing the limits and maybe I’ll be punished *giggle*.

In any case the nature of the relationship itself is based not on age but on a myriad of more meaningful components. I prefer to look at people for who they are ie their personality, their little quirks, their experience, behaviour but it’s interesting to recognise that this wasn’t always the case but I’m still attracted to the boyish looks and more mature behaviour.


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