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a personnel issue…

Well, as it has become custom – for some – when things get boring at work events sometimes the subject because my entertaining life. Only because the other people at the table are mostly quite a lot older than me and think their lives aren’t half as exciting anymore. In any case this time it was a conversation about the latest BDSM party I had attended. In general I don’t have an issue with telling the story or answering questions but I could see this time that one particular person was very concerned.

In any case there was some talk about the ropes and the bondage, in my view all innocent stuff especially since really there was nothing sexual about it and that was that. Or so I thought.

So I get a call today from the concerned individual asking me is I was ok to have a private conversation about a personnel issue. I was a little surprised to be honest but I agreed to go into a meeting room to take the call. It turns out that he was concerned about my safety.

Now don’t get me wrong perhaps for someone hearing the story embellished by my colleagues for entertainment purposes you might also think it a little out there but I can assure you there is nothing unsafe about a BDSM party here. I feel comfortable walking around at a BDSM party with barely anything on without any fear of harassment. Safer than going to a night club by far. People are much more respectful and concerned about consent.

I also realise that being so small in stature makes men sometimes feel protective of me and as this conversation had happened a few weeks back he would have given it a lot of thought before he decided to pick up the phone to tell me.

In any case I tried to reassure him that I wouldn’t put myself in danger and I held back a reminder that I’m an adult… so I thanked him for his concern.

I also had to tell my colleagues not to put me in that position again in future. I’ll have to remember to be more cautious about what I say at work because anything remotely entertaining to them they exaggerate and repeat to others.


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