real life experience


I ­­write this on the way back to Spain, the weather has been warm, sunny and filled with days of hard work, the type that leaves your heart happy and your body aching. It was good to meet daddy’s friends and family somehow it puts everything into perspective. Having a relationship with someone after all is also being part of their life. I treasure every moment of my trip. The dog, the creaking floorboards, showering outdoors in the garden, the fire, breakfast in the morning sun and sunset walks. The wildlife, deer, bunnies, birds and the fox.

I love the way daddy holds my hand in his as we walk, the way he smiles back at me when I look up at him. I started missing him as we sat on the train on the way to the airport. He whispers to me I’m still here, at yet I feel so far away already. His days are busy with getting the mill in good shape and won’t be able to come visit me, at least not until winter. It’s sad that I have to go so soon but I can always go back and perhaps I can combine it with one of my work trips which would reduce the cost and also the stress that the trips usually cause me.


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