real life experience

the comedown

I haven’t had a comedown like this in a while now, I woke up this morning feeling terribly sad, if it had been the weekend I would have probably stayed in bed until the self pity wore off but I had to get up to go to work.

In a feeble attempt to cheer myself up I make some calls to see if it would be good for me to visit Malta in July and therefore combining this with another trip to see Daddy. It looks pretty good and so I picked some dates for flight options.

If I had been feeling like my usual self I’d be all smiley and excited and instead it barely puts a dent in the bump. I should be going to a meeting today after work but in my current state I only feel like crawling in a ball under my desk and so I’ve made a self care to do list instead for this evening including a hot bath, some music, meditation, some gardening and an early night. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


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