dd/lg topics · real life experience

Who’s your daddy?

Talking during sex isn’t uncommon and it helps engage all the senses but having said that I think I’m not very talkative but I like being spoken to. Everyone’s different of course but I’ve come across a slightly awkward situation in my non-dd/lg relationship when my boyfriend decided to slip in the question “Who’s your daddy?” in the middle of sex.

The thing is the dd/lg aspect between daddy and me is mostly between us and I didn’t feel the need to share it with my other boyfriend, just like I don’t really disclose the details to daddy about the other relationship.  This isn’t to say that I don’t talk about my relationships with them, I do of course and if I need relationship advice daddy is really good at listening to me and letting me know his thoughts. In my other relationship the roles are reversed and I’m the one that’s relied on for advice.

I wasn’t quite prepared for the question though, I know he didn’t mean anything by it really but in any case I paused and told him nicely that he wasn’t my daddy and then moved on to another term which I didn’t mind.

He asked me later if that was a special term for me and I simply said yes and he was happy with that without needing further details.


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