real life experience


I can’t sleep and so I reread today’s messages and go over conversations I’ve had with people through the day. I miss daddy at bedtime the most but at the same time I try to keep positive and keep moving. Some days I can do it better than others. Sometimes I wait up a little longer until either I get a good night message or I drift off to sleep whichever comes first.

Trying not to dwell on the creeping insecurities that see a perfect moment of weakness to take root. The thousands of what-if questions. Distance creates a strange feeling I call… I-have-so-much-to-tell-you only I know it’s only a feeling because we talk often, I can leave daddy a message and he can reply when he’s not busy. It occasionally also produces an intense longing to run my fingertips from his shoulder to his waist and play with his long blonde hair. Shhh. Go away urge, just a few more weeks.


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