dd/lg topics · real life experience


For some reason whatsapp wasn’t working, it seems to be one of the most used ways to communicate between us and I wasn’t quite sure whether this was an app problem or whether daddy was busy. As I was getting ready to go to bed I thought maybe I should try facebook messenger instead and it turns out daddy was online.

He was in a playful funny mood and quickly our chat about my topless trip to the beach and my early morning sex fantasy turn into a planned outdoor sex outing. I can already see it in my minds eye, the soft thick blanket on the deck overlooking the field with the dense forest trees behind us, the sun setting on a warm day, a bottle of red wine and some citronella candles to take care of the mosquitoes. His long blond hair draped over my body as he leans over me. I can almost feel him. The feeling is a mixture of exhilaration from the fantasy and sadness from reality. For a moment I’m lost in the fantasy, I am lying there naked on that blanket running my fingers across his chest, he pulls me closer to him and in that moment I’m his to do with as he pleases.


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