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while the cat’s away…

Daddy is away till Sunday without internet on his phone and so no communication until he’s back, at first I was a little sad, partly because for a couple of days before that we seemed a little out of sync, he’s free only after my bed time or I was busy entertaining guests. In any case he’s been working very hard and it will do him well to go on a little break to this festival. It makes me feel good to think that he is enjoying himself.

I like to imagine him in his usual relaxed way rolling a cigarette and looking pensive but really I hope his days are full of fun and relaxing things to do and who knows maybe even some company.

In the meantime what’s a little to do…. I keep busy as usual going from one thing to the next, activity at the house is picking up with the preparations for the chicken coop and lots to do and teach in the garden. Today I posted daddy a letter 🙂 I’m not quite sure what he thinks about them, I like to think he likes them and he does keep the one’s I did for him when he was here. Perhaps they are of some use to him, I enjoy doing them, I like to draw badly and write about my days without him and my dreams of the next time we meet.

Last week I wished for a date and I got an unexpected one that had live music, dancing and cuddles which was exactly what I needed and right here at home. With the rest of the weekend looking sunny (as usual in Spain) I’m hoping to hit the beach for a swim, learn some guitar and embrace whatever opportunity for fun comes my way. In any case while the cat’s away the mice don’t sit around and mope, they make the most of it 🙂


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