real life experience

do as I say

We talk about submission because I’m curious and I want to know more only because I couldn’t understand why anyone would do as someone else told them without questioning yet I knew that I enjoyed pleasing the other and in so doing it pleased me to no end. In my mind being submissive meant being dependent, having no will, feeling degraded and saying yes always even when you didn’t want to, all feelings and behaviors that I had no wish to experience. I WAS WRONG.

Daddy is his usual calm and collected way explained that nothing happens without consent, exploring each others fantasies beyond the social parameters in a safe way and that I never have to do anything that I didn’t feel like doing. Never Ever. This was important to me. I am headstrong and stubborn, sensitive to pain and words, at the right time and in the right mood I would do anything to please him but try to give me orders when I’m not there and you’ll be met with a sarcastic response.

And so amidst my curiosity I wanted to try it immediately, I wanted to see how much doing what daddy says without questioning but having the ability to stop at any time would feel like, I was also somewhat anxious as to what he’d ask me to do. He soothes my anxiety he’d never hurt his little girl. I realised at that moment how understated this type of interplay is, the enormous responsibility on part of the dom to take care of the sub and not slip off the fine line that would do damage to the relationship and the person’s well being both physical and mental. I understood the trust between the both parties and the incredible bond that this interplay formed between them. And finally I understood that being a sub meant knowing where to draw the line and communicate with daddy as to what was a maybe and what was a no, I was in control and as much part of the relationship as he was.

I do as he says and kneel beside him on the bed, playfully wait for his instructions because he wants to please me as much as I want to please him and the thought of that is enough to send shivers down my spine and wet my knickers in anticipation.


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