real life experience

collecting ass

Daddy has a little (3) collection of plaster model asses hanging in his room, they belong to people in his life that he is involved with, it started with 2 being given as a fun gift after the girls noticed that he was more an ass than tits kind of guy, then later on at some point came the 3rd.

He asked me whether I’d like mine to go up there and like in most situations when I’m put on the spot I don’t really know what to say or how I feel about it but I have to say that my initial thought was that they were quite a nice addition to the room. A sort of arty thing to do. They’re white but they’d also look good painted.

Truth is until he asked me whether I wanted my ass cast for the collection I thought of it as irrelevant to me and I wouldn’t even have minded them having them hanging in my house it’s quite a cool idea. Somehow being asked, considering he couldn’t quite say which cast belonged to whom made me feel somewhat off, I would have been happier if he was able to identify them given there were all distinctly different.

It was nothing to do with showing my ass to people, I’d be happy having any part of my body cast any day of the week, I’m not exactly shy. This was perhaps the first time Daddy had asked me if I wanted to do something for him (non sex related) and I couldn’t figure out why I felt like resisting it.

A couple of days later after being to a friends house and seeing a wall full of fun pictures of them having fun I asked him if he’d like me to frame a fun picture for his wall and he without thinking said “I’m not really a picture kind of guy, I have asses instead.” But he does have a picture, perhaps at the moment he forgot. In any case perhaps the ass cast may have to wait until I figure this one out.


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