real life experience

the little vs the girlfriend

I’m sulking at the airport waiting for my delayed flight. Stupid cheap airline…

The white lights keep me awake although fatigue is quickly catching up with me. I’ve had a busy week, maybe too busy. The little in me only wants to lie down on the floor and be grumpy till daddy picks me up and puts me to bed. The adult in me knows this isn’t happening he’s in another country far away hopefully dreaming of unicorns and rainbows and bunnies and all things nice.

Daddy really does his best even from far away. So, I sit and patiently wait for my plane in silence. This is the sort of random thought that has been making me a little anxious lately.
I can’t lean on daddy to rescue me, not every time, although he did cheer me up a bit earlier and he needed me too. I like it when I’m useful. It makes me not only his little but also his girlfriend. I like that. I like being his little just as much as I like being his girlfriend.


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