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another little?

I have a date on Saturday. Given my track record this year that in itself isn’t really a surprise. What’s surprising though is that I think based on my conversations with this person that he has a few little traits. On his dating site profile he did say he had his childish side, he likes teenage literature and cartoons. He is also insistent to let me know he’s stubborn, I’m inclined to think this may mean a hissy fit much like a tantrum. Keeping in mind I don’t do hissy fits and tantrums even if I’m feeling really despondent, I’m unsure as to how I’d react to one.

The date is at the cinema and I let him choose the movie…. Pets. I’m looking forward to it.

At the moment we play the boss game so we take it in turns to be boss and playfully assign each other tasks… purely platonic at the moment. Still this would be very much like something I enjoy as a little and he loves it. When he’s the boss he’s unsure about boundaries but that’s normal I think for a person that perhaps hasn’t had the opportunity to take a more dominant role. Having said that he wasn’t hesitant to let me know when he’s uncomfortable with a task, I like that. Knowing oneself and speaking up when something doesn’t feel right is a very attractive quality.

So can two littles date? Or will I step into the dominant mummy role?  I guess we’ll have to find out.


2 thoughts on “another little?

  1. Hey I am eager to know how your date goes this weekend, as I have dated a guy like that in the past and wanted to know see other peoples perspectives. Anyways good luck and have fun! 🙂


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