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from little to mistress

Following my last post here I am reporting on my date. Beyond the obvious awkwardness of meeting someone for the first time I must say it went quite well. The movie was quite fun and my date wasn’t put off by my loud giggly laugh. 

I could see from his body language that he wasn’t quite as relaxed at first and he wasn’t able to do the task I had assigned him for the date but he’s shyer than I thought so I realised that it’s good to go slow until he’s more comfortable. He’ll have to do a little research on submission instead. 

I still think there’s a lot of little in him but he has virtually no knowledge of the topic so at the moment he only thinks he’s a sub looking for a misress. I think I’d like to see him again at least to figure out whether I like him in that way or just as a friend. As usual I’m undecided, nothing new there. I can see that he’s excited to have found someone who doesn’t freak out when they hear about his sexual fantasies, a mistress, and already wants to talk about a safe word. Just to clarify we haven’t even kissed yet. So for all the talk I still feel that we’re not there and it will take a few non sexual dates for me to get to know him a little better.

I can tell you though the prospect of learning more about how to be a good mummy/miss/dom is a little exciting and I feel that I want to do it well so he has a good experience with this. 

I would probably be a right despot if daddy hadn’t shown me how to be dominant in a loving way and by being infinitely patient with me.


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