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Daddy’s Christmas present

With all the commotion that happened over Christmas I wasn’t feeling too well to write but this was worth writing about as I slowly get back into my silly childish me. 😀 Daddy made a video for me. You see when I’m with him I really enjoy watching him do everyday things like rolling a cigarette, walking the dog etc. My eyes are all twinkly just thinking about that.

When I was there last November one cold afternoon I sat on a log lying across the creek with the sun on my face and the chirping trees behind me and I watched him as he showered in the outdoor shower (which btw is totally awesome and once you’ve tried it you’ll never want to shower any other way). I watched the steam  rise as the water splashed his milky white skin and as he casually lathered himself up with soap and faced up to the water to rinse his face. I thought then this was bliss. He was totally oblivious of me and I was in total awe of him, I watched him with a full heart and throbbing desire.

As he turned the water off I walked into his view and he said he would have been quicker if he’d known I was waiting. But of course that’s why I made sure he hadn’t seen me, I didn’t want him to be quick. I relished every second of it. As he put his clothes on I took mine off and shortly after he asked me if I’d wanted sex, how could I refuse after feasting my eyes earlier.

And so, being far away again when he tells me he’s off to shower my mind is filled with that scene of romanticized  bliss. I told him how much I’d love to see him shower and he decided to entertain me, I got my wish as a Christmas gift 🙂 What else could a little want?


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