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I love you daddy 😍 one year on…

It’s been a year since daddy literally and metaphorically walked into my life. So much has happened in a short and eventful year. Those early emotionally charged conversations trying to find out where we are, gauging expectations and opening up to each other were very special for me. Even in crisis we were still inexplicably and almost inevitably linked by our shared aspirations and feelings for each other.

It wasn’t always easy, distance is hard and so are bouts of insecurity when new relationships form.  Like people getting in and out of a small boat it’s easier when the water is calm and difficult when it’s rough or the people in the boat are rocking it. Whether the boat has a few or more people doesn’t necessarily matter as long as we enjoy the ride without capsizing it. Just like any relationship it works based on a common understanding of where the boat is going or not going but our pleasure trip is not bound by cumbersome rules, only to be honest and to trust. They are the wind in our sails and the sturdy boat that carries us.

I’ve not always been good, but then I’d be pretty boring if I were good all the time and what sort of mischievous little would I be if I didn’t misbehave a little 😉 I’m proud to be your little girl, you’re the best daddy ever, kind and calm, honest and loving and bossy when I need it. I appreciate you for who you are and I love you deeply 😘


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