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more great news

So this little is packing up. I decided on valentine’s day to finally leave the stressful job and turn my life upside down again after 10 years working in finance. Daddy is pleased not only because I’ve been terrified yet wanting to go ahead but also because I’ve also decided to go out there and help him with the project.

With a turn of luck I also found a seasonal job in case the project isn’t enough to keep me financially independent. This was one of my greatest fears. I’m not one to be financially dependent on anyone.

😀 So April 26th, my flight is booked and I’m all excited and anxious at the same time.

I asked Daddy to have my own room and I already have lots of cool arty things I want to make to decorate it. Daddy put a big bed in it for me 😀 Our rooms are interconnected but I want to soundproof the door in case the noise from his room bothers me at night. ie I don’t want to hear sex noises when I’m trying to sleep that would wind me up no end.

Counting down the weeks now…

I still have lots of anxious questions, what if I get jealous when Daddy’s other gfs come for a visit (but they are lovely and I know them already), what if we fall out…. what if his friends hate me (the ones I met like me so I don’t know why I’m afraid of this), what if I never learn German…. meh

How can I go from being super excited to super anxious really bewilders me but in general I’m more excited than anxious so at least that’s something.


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