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a date with my crush

If I don’t write about it I’ll probably burst, I’m in love with him. Everytime  I look at him I can’t help but smile. This date has been was absolute highlight of my trip to Malta. I wake up with sky high anxiety, late, get dressed and run out the door. As soon as I make myself comfortable on the bus I get a nosebleed. I try to cool down by taking my jacket off. No tissues. I get some from the people in front of me and by the time I get to my stop it’s good enough to walk to work. Upset stomach. I try not to think about it.

Time flies as I’m busy here. Five o’clock I text him. He must be busy. I decide to go wait for the bus to Valletta.  I need gloves. He texts me and keeps texting all the way through until the point where he is leaving. I’m nervous and walk around without a real destination, until that is there’s a sudden downpour of hail. Not just a little, a lot. So much so I end up at a random bar for a drink and let him know I’ll wait there instead.

As I glimpse him walking past I half call his name and he hears me, he has a big smile. I’m half melted butter on the floor.

As the hail and rain stops we walk towards one of the main streets and go to a nice place for dinner. He has amazingly lovely tender pork, I have a salad which I can barely eat. My stomach is playing up. He’s gorgeous and talks about everything. I’m so in love with him right now. He goes back over how we met and what outings we did and he talks of the time fondly. I have nothing but big smiles for him. We talk politics and relationships and friends, food, travelling…

I talk to him about how I was nervous to tell him and so on, he seems happy and relaxed.

As it starts getting late we decide to go somewhere else for a drink. The weather is really terrible. We make it to a nearby town and I reclaim my memory of a bad date bar by going there but the cocktails are terribly sweet. In a random turn of events the lights go out. There’s no electricity anywhere. The bar is pitch black and so I suggest we leave, I don’t know what time it is at this point but it must be late because I’m quite sleepy.

We walk towards the car, it’s cold outside and everywhere is dark and eerie. As we drive home we talk some more. I start wondering whether he’ll want to cuddle. I really would love to cuddle. A lot. He parks outside the house and talks and talks he seems nervous, does he want to stay? I’ll just have to pluck up my courage to ask him. I awkwardly say, would you like to come in… erm would you like to stay…longer…erm would you like to sleep here? I think I’m blushing. He says smiling yes I would like that, I do have to wake up early and then I said that’s no problem I can wake up with you. It’s after 2am. No electricity still. I open the door and we go upstairs.

He’s cold, he asks me what he can wear and so I give him my pj pants, I don’t need pants I’m boiling already at the idea of it all haha. I go off to the bathroom and come back to see him standing there still clothe. I take my clothes off and put on my robe and  get into bed. He seems to get the hint and put on my pj pants. Turns the mobile light off. We are now in the pitch black darkness. As he lies down he puts his arm around me, I’m on fire. Not just metaphorically, my body is producing heat more efficiently than an electric heater. Men get erections, I get significantly higher body temperature. As he strokes my back over my robe I stroke his. We talk more, I ask him what he wants. The romantic in me screams me me me lol. He tells me that at the moment he’s too busy with work to have anything serious. I move closer to him, he’s warm now. I know I’m probably just not right for him. He’s adorable, gentle and kind and funny and cute. Why am I not right common woman. It’s nice to meet someone and have no expectations from them beyond that moment when you’re together. There was no kissing no doubt because of my cold and no sex but this was the best date I’ve had in a while and I enjoyed every second of it. He calls me his little heater 😀

I’d waited for so long and finally it had happened and it was magical. We wake up and each other’s arms and I can see him now. 🙂 We have to get up. What would have happened if we didn’t have to? We drive to work together and as he drops me off I get one last hug. He wishes me well and I love him now more than ever.


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