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one more week

I text Daddy simply saying Daddy… and nothing else so he knows I don’t really need anything and only want a little attention. I was hoping he would have a little time for me. I missed him this last week he was super busy and littles are not very patient. The adult is patient but the little is pouting in the corner demanding attention (NOW!! lol). I started working on the compost toilet design again and only realised how late it was when I got a text with a kiss back. He tells me he loves me and my face lights up.

It’s late and with the realisation of the time comes the tiredness, 2am I can barely keep my eyes open. I remind him about a deadline and then Daddy says I’m not helping with his stress…. this little crosses her arms defiant… well good I’m not happy either Daddy… but I don’t say anything because Daddy is tired and stressed and he can’t deal with a stroppy little right now, also I want a cuddle not a punishment.

A sheepish sorry followed by I only want to sit on Daddy’s lap, that seems to placate him a little, eternally patient as usual. He tells me about the ongoing problems and little things that are going wrong unexpectedly and I try my best to listen patiently. I tell him he is doing the best he can and that he shouldn’t feel too bad about things he has no control over. I try to reassure him but I’m not really sure it’s working. So I make him a little drawing and then he’s back to his usual self showering me with kisses – Yay I had made Daddy feel better!


7 days to go… I have this great desire to be carried and laid gently on the bed and be fucked all night in ecstasy instead I tell him I have to go to sleep, I won’t be able to go to work in the morning if I stay online, my eyelids are heavy,  I can’t wait to see him again. Just a few more days.


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